Compared to the earlier years of Instagram, a lot of things have changed, the programmers have made a lot of updates to the application, and it has attained a higher level of importance in people’s lives. As a result of these changes, it has become more difficult for individuals to increase their network and followers.

It is for this reason that I am sharing some of the most crucial 9 ways to reach your target audiences and get more Instagram followers in 2020:

Improve Aesthetics and treat your Instagram Bio like a Homepage

Instagram is an incredibly visual app. The probability of your discovery, growth, and success depends solely on how attractive your page looks. The first click on your profile reveals your bio and this is the best opportunity to create a very good first image such that your prospects click the follow button. When it comes to converting visitors to followers, your Instagram feed which consists of your pictures and videos has to be consistent all throughout as it relates to color, editing style, and quality of pictures. Instagram stories, highlights, and Bio aren’t also spared as they have to be curated carefully to appeal to new followers. If you are not able to provide high-quality images for your profile and feed, your popularity on Instagram would be largely affected. Thus, you should use the best effects for your pictures, consider the layout and angles of your content as they should standout if you intend to be uniquely identified. The more attention you grab with these images, the more followers you attract.

Here is great example from fashionnova where we can see everything on their profile such as keywords, Social links, Website etc

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Create fun and engaging content for your IGTV and Instagram Stories.

There is another

It is not enough that you have people clicking on the follow button of your profile. You must endeavor to provide engaging content on IGTV and also be extra creative with using your Instagram stories as it pushes your content to more people via the Instagram Algorithm. A lot of new brands and companies have jumped on and embraced the use of IGTV to make creative series about their brands thereby creating a cult-like following. If you’re considering using IGTV, Now is the best time to create a winning strategy for your IGTV episodes. You can create weekly episodes, short takes, Video advertisements, and indoctrination videos in other to convert first-time visitors into die-hard followers. A well Optimized Instagram story gives your brand major visibility which in turn increases your followers count.

There is another great example from fashionova promoting their videos on IGTV

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A reasonable level of Hashtag research and Posting Frequency

Apart from your images, another way that you can be found on Instagram by random people is through your Hashtags. Proper Hashtags increase your reach as it pushes your content to the Explore page of Instagram. Therefore, you must identify the hashtags that resonate with your Brand’s Niche to ensure that other people in your area do not blindside you. You must be strategic in your use of hashtags, use 20-25 hashtags for each post and arrange them in the order ‘’Hashtags difficult to rank for, easier to rank for and hashtags I can definitely rank for’’. As a rule of thumb, use Social Blade for keyword research. Make sure to post content twice a day and post more videos to pictures if that is possible for your Brand. Always study your page’s analytics to figure out the best time to post content during the day.

Content, Captions and Engagement with your audience

Instagram is majorly a platform for social interaction. Therefore, you must participate in and encourage interactions with your audience as this would help them to recommend you to their social circle and network. As a brand, you need to let your audience in through the use of long-form captions which clearly outlines your well-crafted mission and vision statements. Research as shown that longer-form captions give greater insight and engagement which prompted influencers to jump on it, but brands are now taking advantage of this growing trend.

Great example to see from jengotch where they posting their long descriptions in the post


The more insider Information you reveal to your audience their trust in you increases as authenticity also increases.

Networking with Macro and Micro-influencers

If you are looking to reach new heights with your Instagram profile, you should partner with Micro and Macro Influencers that can promote you thereby pushing your followership to the next level. It is estimated that the influencer campaign strategy has an average engagement of 3.21% as opposed to other strategies (1.5%) across all social networks.

Another great example from littlefishnird how she is promoting a clothing brand


Partnering with the right influencers brings about a stronger affinity with the influencer’s audience which increases trust in your brand.

Share More Selfie

did you know that photos with faces get 38% more likes on Instagram?

One of the easiest ways to introduce new audiences to your brand is through video. You can immediately set the tone, share some behind-the-scenes footage, and show off what sets your brand apart.

Mejuri is a great example of a brand that shows off its ethos and business through Instagram Stories and videos


Collaborate with Bigger Brands

Collaborating with awesome brands for marketing campaigns can be a spring board for viral growth for your brand. This would give your brand the opportunity to reach a new and engaged audience thereby converting them into ardent followers especially if they have similar interests to your brand. Collaborating with bigger brands help you to build an entirely different Email list thereby acquiring customer life value, also collaboration isn’t as expensive as many think it is whilst still creating value for both parties.

Post More Video on Your Feed 

Video is the future of Instagram and a ton of brands are now creating long-form video content for IGTV and their feed to drive real business results.

See the great example from fashionnova . They love to post videos


Memes, Instagram Filters and the use of Branded Hashtags.

Creating a Community on Instagram is crucial for viral marketing and there are several ways to achieve this. Creating Branded hashtags is an effective way to create a community feeling within followers as it helps to spread the word about your business as you are using hashtags that are directly peculiar to your business.

Instagram memes are funny, creative and helps to drive interest in products that leads to new followers. Memes in many cases carries a cultural relevance and are a combination of text and imagery (a photo, gif or even a short clip of a video). Every brand should take the opportunity of this.

Custom Instagram filters also known as AR(Augmented Reality) as a trend is on the upturn as it can now be created by Users. Always remember to make it sharable, include your brand’s name whilst still making it fun to use for your followers.

Growing your Instagram account can often seem like a challenge, but if you follow the right techniques and strategies, you could definitely get more Instagram followers in 2020!

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