Google’s John Mueller says it’s normal if 30-40% of URLs in a site’s Search Console report are returning 404 errors.

John Muller recently told this information during Google Search Central SEO hangout from February 25.

Google may continue trying to crawl URLs years after they’ve been deleted from a website, and there’s nothing site owners can do to prevent that from happening.

One of the User asked in the hangout it’s around 30-40% of URLs in the report that have a 404 error. Is that normal?

That’s perfectly fine. That’s completely natural especially for a site that has a lot of churn. If it’s like a classifieds site where you have classified listings that are valid for a month, then you expect those listings to drop out. And then we, like, over the years, we collect a ton of those URLs and try them again. And if they return 404s or 410s, like, whatever. Perfectly fine.

I don’t think that would look unusual to us. It’s not like we would see that as a quality signal or anything. The only time where I think 404s would start to look like something problematic for us is when the home page starts returning 404s. Then that might be a situation where we go: “oh, I don’t know if this site is actually still up.”

But if parts of the site are 404, like, whatever. It’s like a technical thing, like, it doesn’t matter.”

Watch the Full conversation here :

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