Microsoft Bing’s large-scale multilingual spelling correction models, collectively called Speller100, are rolling out worldwide with high precision and high recall in 100-plus languages

As per report by Bing, 15% of queries submitted by users have misspellings which can lead to incorrect results in search results.

In order to overcome these problems, Bing has built comprehensive spelling correction system called Speller100

In A/B testing queries with and without Speller100, Bing observed the following results:

  • The number of pages with no results reduced by up to 30%.
  • The number of times users had to manually reformulate their query reduced by 5%.
  • The number of times users clicked on spelling suggestion increased from single digits to 67%.
  • The number of times users clicked on any item on the page went from single digits to 70%.

Launching Speller100 in Bing is the first step in a larger effort to implement the technology in more Microsoft products.

Learn More from the Source : Microsoft Research Blog

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