Twitter has recently announced in their tweets that they are rolling out new updates to TweetDeck.

Here is the announcement

Source: Twitter

TweetDeck is a first-party tool that allows Twitter users to manage multiple dashboards side-by-side.

Anyone with a Twitter account can use TweetDeck for free in their web browser, or by downloading the desktop or mobile application.

Here are six new updates from TweetDeck

1. Manage more than one Account

You can now “Add an existing account” and switch between your multiple accounts in the TweetDeck

2. Improve in real-time monitoring

New columns will show the latest Tweets first and will automatically refresh, so you’ll never miss a trending moment. Users can now completely clear their columns and start fresh with the latest tweets.

3. Scroll to Top

It’s easier to jump to the top of a column in TweetDeck with new “Scroll to Top” and “See new Tweets” prompts.

4. Undo Delete

You can now undo delete if you accidentally delete a column in TweetDeck within the timeframe

5. The DM column is back and better than before

Now users can view, manage and send Direct Messages in the TweetDeck Preview in one or more columns

6. Improved Mouse Compatibility

Improvements to the TweetDeck Preview’s mouse and scrollbar functionality for smoother on-screen navigation

Till now TweetDeck is completely free. Will Twitter be preparing TweetDeck for a transition into a paid tool?

We will keep you posted 🙂


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