One of the biggest obstacles on Twitter is that anyone can reply or write their view on your tweet, including people who don’t follow you or you don’t follow.

The new limit reply feature will keep useless tweets away and make discussions on the platform more significant than ever before.

Officially Twitter is testing a new feature that gives users more command over who can reply to their tweets. Twitter is providing users the ability to pick who can contribute to a conversation.

Other users will be able to see tweets with the following two settings, but the reply button is not clickable. They only can retweet it, retweet it with a comment, and like it.

There are three settings to choose from:

Source- Twitter
  • The first option is ‘everyone’ which will allow anyone to comment on your tweet.
  • The second one is the ‘only people you follow’ option, which will allow only people you follow on Twitter to reply to your tweets.
  • The third option is ‘only people you mention,’ which means only the tagged people in a tweet will be able to reply to your tweet.

Check Out The Example

Several accounts already have these settings, which you can see in some examples.

Here’s Twitter’s official team guide on how you can use this feature.

See how the reply button is not clickable. It indicates that you can’t reply to this tweet.

Why Twitter Do This? 

“What these new conversation settings intended for” Explains by a Twitter Employee in a thread.

“In the present world, people have public discussions with friends, experts, and other purposely chosen groups.

Control over who can participate allows for various communication types, including panel talks, interviews, and public reports.

With this research, we intend to replicate some of this real-world control, but why?

We want to help people discuss sensitive matters while feeling safe.

We want to encourage people to discuss fascinating topics with friends, experts, or public figures, without interruption.”

Twitter considers that the latest feature will allow users to have a better and healthy conversation and avoid disrespectful behavior on the platform, which has become extremely common these days.

Limited Number of Accounts

For now, only a limited number of accounts globally on Twitter for Android, iOS, and can Tweet with these settings.

It’s not mentioned how many users have these features so far, but everyone can see these conversations.

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