LinkedIn is updating user profiles with the ability to add introduction videos. It will very good for the users who would like to reach recruiters with video cover stories.

With these new features, LinkedIn is helping users adapt to the age of virtual job seeking.

When a user uploads a cover story an orange ring will appear around their profile photo. When the profile photo is tapped on it will open a full-screen vertical video of the user’s self-shot introduction.


Here is what Linkedin Announced recently

For job seekers, a Cover Story is a great way to introduce yourself to hiring managers by sharing your career goals, providing a peek at your personality and showcasing your communication skills. According to a new survey, almost 80% (76%) of hiring managers believe seeing a pre-recorded video of a job seeker would be useful.

It would be good benefits for the freelancers as well, you can attract new clients by using a Cover Story to talk about your services. You can create a dedicated page right from your profile giving you more reach to LinkedIn’s global community of nearly 740 million.

Source – Linkedin Blog

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