Recently John Muller answered in SEO reddit Community and explains the strongest penalties that can be issued against sites caught using black hat SEO tactics.

One of the user asked this question ” “What’s the worst Google can do to a website if caught using black hat SEO tactics? Can I lose my website or get permanently de-indexed?”

John Muller explained ” Google does not permanently deindex websites and there is always ways to recover from penalty if site owner interested to put in the necessary work to recover it.

Mueller mentions the fact that, when it comes to penalties, site owners can request a reconsideration after fixing the issue. He also suggested to ignore the bad and focus on the good things

Mueller goes on to remind SEOs and site owners that rankings can always drop even if there’s no black hat activity going on.

That could happen if Google determines the site is not as relevant anymore, or if it’s usefulness has passed.

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