Does Using .us TLD Versus .com Affect My Site’s SEO?

This is a very good question that comes up regularly in the SEO industry.

As per my experience, I prefer to use a country-based top-level domain as well as keyword-based TLDs for branding purposes . This could be perfect if you are looking for only US-only traffic but at the same time you also have to think about the user point of view.

Majority of the users trust .com endings on a domain. They may also tend to click through at a higher rate because of the .com. The exception, from what I have seen, is when the TLD is branded to make a fun play on words such as Singles.Dating etc that contains fun plays on words that could generate more clicks.

From an SEO standpoint, you can likely rank any TLD, but a .com certainly has advantages.

Just make sure you have a great user experience on the website, content that adds value, and good natural backlinks.

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